Meet The Team


All our staff is formed of very qualified people, they are fluent English speakers, have good ICT skills and they are very good in using non formal education tools.

Aristide Liviu Udrescu

Founder & President


He is a teacher and trainer, expert in management. He has over 6 years’ experience in managing European projects.


Mobile: 0040-761-643865

Iohana Cristina Udrescu

Project manager&Vicepresident


She is a teacher and trainer with vast experience in managing groups and projects, expert in defining and diffusion of transnational projects. She has experience in web design and massmedia.



Mobile: 0040-765-250192

Ionut Mircea Catrina

Team Leader​


He is a Romanian and English  teacher with vast experience as leader and mentor for youngsters. He also has experience in mass media, as writing editorials for a local newspaper for 5 years and being the moderator of his own TV show for one year.


Mobile: 0040-767-244186

Larisa Balta

Team Leader​


She is a French and English  teacher with experience as leader and mentor for youngsters.


M: 0040-765-097877

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